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We understand that many people think annual maintenance plans are just another way for companies to get your hard earned money. Not at We Care Heating and Air. We want your system to run smoothly without worrying about upcoming repairs. We have the lowest priced maintenance plans in town offering the best value and preventative maintenance inspections. What exactly do we work on during maintenance visits and safety inspections?

  • We inspect the coils in your system and the overall cleanliness. After turning off the system, we wash the condenser unit with a special system cleaner to remove any debris
  • We will check the electrical panel for any burned wires or loose connections. If any wires are not in perfect working order, we will replace them
  • We will inspect the unit (usually located in your attic) for proper drainage, rust, and compliance with all safety codes and regulations. After inspecting the drainage, we will blow out the drain pipes to ensure water from the system can flow freely to the exterior of your home
  • We will put all components back in place, turn the system back on and monitor the refrigerant pressure and level
  • After all tests are done, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings and address any concerns we might have about your system. We will provide you with solutions and suggestions to make your air conditioning system run more effective and efficient

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Air Conditioners need maintenance too!

Proper maintenance can more than double the life of your entire air conditioning system

Niceville Air Conditioning Maintenance

Catch problems before they occur

Summers at the Gulf Coast in Florida are extremely hot and humid with temperatures reaching 100+ degrees. Air conditioners work really hard to keep your home cool, and sometimes they need a tune-up to perform at peak levels. Routine maintenance ensures that your air conditioner continues to blow cold air, even during the hottest summer days.

The best thing to do is give your air conditioner a good cleaning at least once a year before summer. Also, your furnace should be looked at and checked as well to ensure best performance and a warm home during cold winter months. Did you ever experience a season where your air conditioner or furnace broke down right when you needed it the most? With our low-cost annual maintenance plans we can catch problems before they occur and save you money. After all, it’s better to maintain your system and not have any problems than being faced with a large repair bill.

Warner Robins Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Niceville Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans. Seasons always seem like they change within the blink of an eye. One day you’re sweating profusely just walking from your car to the store, and the next you’re wondering where your favorite coat is. It always seems like Florida summers are only getting hotter and winters only colder. Because of this, it is imperative to have your heating and cooling system well-maintained and functioning properly.

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